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The Lagotto Romagnolo is a medium-sized ancient working breed from Northern Italy with wooly, curly fur. They are prized for truffle hunting skills, but they can also make relatively laid-back and affectionate companions around the home. The Lagotto is a highly intelligent dog and as such requires not only physical exercise, but mental stimulation. Puppies need to be properly socialized and training should start from the time they are a couple of weeks old. Families that do not feel equipped to train their puppies should work with a trainer and/or behaviouralist to ensure their puppy turns out to be a well-rounded, well-mannered and good nature dog. Dogs are a social animal and are considered by animal behaviourists to be a pack animal that would prefer to spend more time with other dogs that people if human contact is not sufficient.


They are an affectionate and devoted dog. They make an excellent companion and enjoy being with their owners as they are very loyal and loving. They are a sporting dog and do require sufficient exercise, they are easy to train and eager to please, being intelligent it is important for their minds to be occupied, they do well at agility or obedience training. Whether working or playing, they have the ability to concentrate at the task at hand and are not easily distracted by other scents or animals. Due to their alert nature they make good watch dogs, but are not suitable as guard dogs, they would prefer to be a friend. The Lagotto are traditionally pack dogs who enjoy the company of other dogs and pets and are known to be good around children as long as they are socialized from an early age.


Dependable, Clever, Loving, Loyal, Affectionate, Agile, Obdient, Happy and Friendly.


Solid white, solid off white, solid orange, solid brown, white with orange markings, white with brown markings, roan, brown with tan markings. While a brown puppy may be almost black when young, solid black or black markings are an unacceptable color.


Males: 17 – 19 inches; Females: 14 – 18 inches


Males: 29 – 35 lbs.; Females: 24 – 32 lbs


11 – 16 years


The Lagotto has a double coat which is water proof. It has a wooly textured, rough-surfaced coat of thick, ring-shaped curls evenly distributed all over his body except his head where the curls are less tight and form eyebrows, whiskers and a beard.

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